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Team Work Reflection

When we were first told that we were going on a field trip for this module I thought we would be going to a boring factory where we would listen to a load of people talking. So the field trip to the Killaloe Activities Centre was a pleasant  surprise. This fieldtrip was to teach us all about teams and working in teams. Team work was a topic I thought I knew a good bit about from sports I take part in and from working in teams on projects in school. When we got to the ULAC we were split into two groups in which we would do all the activities. In the group there were people I knew better than others. For the group to work well we would all have to work together.


individual (what do I know about myself as a team member)

Before this field trip I already knew a bit about my team working skills. I am usually good at working in groups and usually prefer working in groups them on my own. I believe that its easier to divide the workload. I knew that when working in teams it is good to divide the work load according to people’s preferences and to the special skills they may have. I also knew that for the group to work well there always needs to be a person in charge so that all others do their work like a manager or supervisor. Interpersonal skills are also essential to the success of a team.      

contextual (what is important about working in teams for an engineer)

Working in teams is a huge part of Engineering. Most projects undertaken in modern day Engineering jobs are done in groups. Working in group is more efficient as each person has their own area of expertise and mistakes can be identified easier. People working in groups  have extra motivation to work hard so that they don’t let down the other members of the group. To work in teams certain specific skills are necessary. Managerial Skills and Interpersonal skills are needed to make the work go smoothly and efficiently without major conflicts and dead lock. When conflicts and deadlocks occurs members of the group need to have the skills to deal with them and be able to move on quickly.     

relational (how good are others, what feedback have I had)

We got a lot of feedback throughout this project on the day at the activities centre and during the process of making the presentation. In almost every challenge we did at the activities centre we got feedback from the other group members on how we could improve our problem solving method and ways to tackle the problems we are going to come up against. Most people had good input into the group and thus contributed to the team. I learned a lot more about working in teams then from the fieldtrip and even more from making the presentation. I learned a lot about the skills needed to make a group to work smoothly. We as a group decided that it would be better if one person tried to take charge of each task so that we could split the workload and give people tasks that suited their skills.

developmental (what things do I need to focus on to improve myself as a team member)

Even though I learned a lot about team work from this exercise I also found that there are many places where I could improve as a member of a team. I too part in team activities a lot but this one made me realise that I could improve my communications so as to facilitate communication in the group. I also thought I could pay more attention to other people’s ideas so that when it came to my part of the task I would be able to use their ideas to help me.

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